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Where is Bob and What the Hell is He Doing Now?

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Can You Hide in Your Own Home?

Can You Hide in Your Own Home?

The title is not meant to be rhetorical. These are just a couple of the questions I have been asking myself recently.

Physically, I am residing in eastern North Carolina. Mentally I am living in the world of the books and music that I’m currently enjoying. Emotionally I am drawing closer to my immediate family and spiritually I am trying very hard to listen to the still, small voice inside of me.

Now as to what in the hell I have been doing besides not writing very often on this blog, let me give an explanation of myself.

First of all, what has Bob been eating? I have been dining way too much at fast food places and they are never that good. Some places have better fries then others and some do their burgers better but all in all they are a waste of time and money because they are seldom fast or cheap. At least not like back in my youth when they were first starting to appear nationwide. My life has been hectic and way too many times I have just made quick and easy choices.

Fortunately I have been eating other things and in other places besides these dens of inequity. I have already written about Ralphs and since I live close by now, I have had the pleasure of dining there several times. I also intend to visit and undoubtedly write about several of the other barbeque places that abound in this section of the beautiful state of North Carolina. Word has reached me recently that there are a multitude of barbeques and styles in South Carolina as well. All in good time, all in good time. Other places of local interest where my wife and I have had very good dining experiences include David’s Restaurant and the Second Street Lunch. All located in beautiful downtown Roanoke Rapids, NC. Check them out when you visit this fair city.

We are still getting the house we are living in set up so my cooking has been limited but I manage to fry some bacon and eggs on occasion and my normal breakfast of peanut butter, banana and soy milk has been maintained. This is probably as good a time as any to talk about just what this house is like. We live about a mile down a private road in a newly constructed house that backs up to a small pond and wilderness. The place is very peaceful and the quiet is deafening. Our back yard is filled with squirrels, rabbits and song birds. In the first two weeks of living here we have observed two turtles digging holes and burying their eggs, a flock of wild turkeys, several hawks and a large groups of my favorite birds (vultures) as well as a happy group of six baby skunks. I have only recently learned to carry a camera with me wherever I go.

Escape of the Hawk

Escape of the Hawk

It was several days of living here before I heard my first car and have only seen a couple of them drive by since then. The quiet is very nice but it is also a great place for serious music appreciation. No matter what volume I choose, it seems to be impossible to disturb any neighbors. Yesterday I listened to about two and a half hours of Wagner at a volume level that allowed me to truly appreciate his genius. We listen to a wide variety of styles and often fall asleep at night with some Miles Davis or John Coltrane playing. With no one to bother and only ourselves to please, life is good.

Another great feature of the silence that surrounds us is that it provides an atmosphere extremely conducive to reading and it seems like weeks since I have been able to sit down by myself and do just that for an hour or so. I’ve been filling in some of the blanks of my Shakespeare education and rereading a few of my favorite classics. It’s has been more than thirty years since I read The Scarlet Letter and I am enjoying it even more than the first time. Perhaps because I am older I am able to appreciate more of Hawthorne’s humor. Some of his passages, especially in the introduction, had me laughing out loud. Quite an image I guess, a funny old bearded man sitting in a chair in a quiet empty house all by himself laughing out loud. As I mentioned previously, life is good.

Our move from the west coast was hard. We had fun on the trip and enjoyed staying with our daughter while we got a place of our own here in Carolina, but it was stressful as well. Change is never easy and the best relationships are strained when the quarters are close. We were lucky to have family that has watched over us and helped us out. That is what family is supposed to do and we are grateful. We want to be there for any of them if they need us.

For the present we are enjoying the quiet of our new home. There have been and will be many kinks to work out and life is always made up of some percentage of struggle, but we know we are blessed or watched over or just plain lucky. Call it whatever you want, it’s all the same to me. I hope to do a lot more writing at this new location and some of it will probably end up here. Thanks for looking in from time to time and keep up the good fight. Life is Good.

P.S. Just a couple final thoughts. I know that not everyone likes to have their words or thoughts placed on public view. Many people are reluctant to leave comments as they don’t care to have the world see them. If you feel like leaving a comment but do not want it published, just say so. I will respect your requests. Of if you would like to drop me a line independently of this site, just send your emails to I will be placing the address on my home page in the near future.

Sweet Potato Pie and Coffee

Sweet Potato Pie and Coffee

One more thing. Check out the sweet potato pie my wife bought at the local hospital and brought home for me the other day. Yum yum. Yes, it was tasty and yeah, it is gone.

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